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    The 50 Restaurants In Jersey City That Matter, Ranked Worst To Best – It’s no secret: Jersey City’s dining scene has exploded over the last decade and played a major role in New Jersey’s second largest city reclaiming its place as one of the state’s grandest cultural epicenters. The sprawling town’s eclectic cuisine runs the gamut from Zagat-rated, New York Times-coronated artisan pizzerias and French bistros to divey Szechuan spots and taco joints. There is a restaurant to fit any palate and budget. Though dining in a city with as many options can be overwhelming — where does one even begin? Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered. Not only am I a J.C. local but I spent the last three months sampling restaurants all over the city to determine which were the best — and which were highly overrated. Quality of food, value for cost, overall service and atmosphere were considered as we complied our rankings. Let’s dig in! LINK TO ARTICLE