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    Broker Spotlight: Q&A with Rebecca Fu, Weichert Realtors

    Name and Title?

    I’m Shuang Fu, though I usually go by my English name, Rebecca Fu. I’m a sales associate at Weichert Realtors – Jersey City Exchange Place office, just two blocks away from 99 Hudson. 99 Hudson is the sales gallery that I visit most frequently, so it’s a pleasure to be interviewed.

    Tell us a little about your brokerage firm?

    Jersey City and Hudson County locals will probably have seen the eye-catching bright yellow Weichert signs everywhere. Realty brokerage offices, new construction developed by Weichert, Weichert real estate agents’ ads, bright yellow “Open House” signs, bright yellow balloons – if you’re from around here, you’re bound to know it. If you’re not from around here, well, we’ve been in business for fifty years. We’re one of the country’s leading real estate brokerages, and the biggest one in New Jersey.

    Tell us a little bit about your background?

    Like a lot of my colleagues, I found my way into real estate after starting out a little further afield. In my case, I earned my PhD in medieval Chinese studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and worked as a university lecturer for a couple of years.

    And then I guess you could say that those bright yellow Weichert signs caught my eye, too. In early 2013, my husband and I bought our first home at a building on the Jersey City waterfront with the help of a Weichert realtor, and I fell so in love with the neighborhood and all that Jersey City has to offer that I wanted to help other people discover what we’ve got here. In the summer of 2017, I left academia to become a salesperson affiliated with Weichert Realtors. It’s been a great fit. I’ve gotten to meet and make friends with hundreds of people, and during my time in real estate I’ve won a series of sales awards, including five company-wide awards for monthly new home sales, a regional award for sales by dollar volume, and the “Rookie of the Year” award for 2018. At least some of the credit for that goes to Helena Liu and Edwin Blanco at the 99 Hudson sales gallery: they’ve helped me with all the sales I’ve made at 99 Hudson, and have been great sources of wisdom and advice for my new career.

    When did you first start bringing clients to 99 Hudson? 

    I was among the very few lucky agents to successfully get a buyer’s appointment slot with the 99 Hudson sales gallery on its grand opening day on October 9th, 2017! I still remember it clearly – 4 PM, October 9, a big moment in my personal real estate success story.

    Where do you see the most interest in 99 Hudson coming from?  

    99 Hudson is incredibly appealing to all the NYC metro and international investor demographics concerned with the pursuit of luxury and quality. From what I’ve seen, 99 Hudson is particularly appealing to the following groups of buyers: (1) young professionals currently renting in New York and along the New Jersey Gold Coast, (2) current local homeowners seeking more space and newer and better amenities, (3) families with children aiming for PS 16, and (4) home chefs and lovers of fresh indoor air for whom the kitchen ventilation system is a big draw. I’ve also been noticing a trend of couples downsizing their NYC suburban homes and buying at 99 Hudson to enjoy the urban life.

    What are your clients reactions’ to 99 Hudson? 

    –  “Whether you eventually buy at 99 Hudson or not, you owe yourself a visit to see the most high-end of the high-end NJ Gold Coast buildings.”

    – “Unrivaled views,” “Premium location,” “Lively neighborhood.”

    – “Highly professional and welcoming sales team!”

    – “I enjoy the sales activities organized by 99 Hudson—-welcoming Open Houses, inspirational seminars, and educational visits to the Bosch’s showroom.”

    – “All units in the main tower have kitchen ventilation—-my mom says it’s an absolute must.”

    What are the strongest selling points of 99 Hudson? 

    – “Location, location, location,” as the saying goes – it’s extremely convenient to major commuting channels and PS 16, among many other things.

    – It’s the tallest and most luxurious building on the market.

    – Its views of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor are breathtaking.

    – The gourmet kitchens with custom venting

    – Floor plans are spacious and consistent with the principles of feng shui.

    How does 99 Hudson compare in value to similar offerings in NYC? 

    99 Hudson absolutely offers much higher affordability than similar offerings in NYC – and besides it’s more buyer-friendly price per sq. ft. and HOA.  99 Hudson also projects that there’ll be more room for appreciation because of the booming Jersey City market. Reduced property tax rate in downtown Jersey City and the chance to avoid NYC city taxes also factor into the value of homes at 99 Hudson.

    Have you had any NYC homebuyers interested in 99 Hudson? 

    Of my clients who are interested in 99 Hudson, a large proportion are renters from NYC, particularly Manhattan and Long Island City. For most of them, the commute from 99 Hudson to their jobs is shorter than from their current rental homes – and Jersey City is newer and more reasonably priced. It’s a matter of common sense and simple mathematics: you can’t go wrong by buying a home in Jersey City – particularly a home at 99 Hudson. And for some of my clients who already own homes in NYC, 99 Hudson is appealing because it’s more spacious, more affordable, and has newer and better amenities.

    How do you feel the Hudson County market has embraced 99 Hudson? 

    For years before 99 Hudson came along, the Hudson County waterfront was an extreme seller’s market: the volume of luxury homes on the market was low, but demand kept increasing. Buyers were looking for new luxury homes, and the launch of 99 Hudson got their attention in a big way. 90% of my buyers purchased presale homes in 2018, and 70% of them chose 99 Hudson. This development has really set the benchmark for luxury buildings on the NJ Gold Coast, and I’m confident that it will continue to lead the pack.

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